TM timer

The one and only official TM timer, designed to support your regular meditation practice. The TM timer gives you a gentle way to keep track of your meditations and allows you to customize settings based on your preferences. You can't miss it in the app as it sits on the home screen, which we call Transcend. You can adjust the time in Settings if needed, but for most people, the default duration of 20 minutes for TM and 3 minutes to "come out slowly" is best. 

We recommend not using sound to signal the end of your meditations as it can be startling. However, if you prefer to use a vibration or chime, you can enable these in sound settings. To get to sound settings, tap on Settings in your Transcend tab, then tap on the sound icon in the top right corner. From there, you can adjust the sound, volume, and vibration.

To start your Transcendental Meditation session, simply swipe down on the toggle switch on the home screen. 

After starting your session, the countdown will start automatically, and you can always see how much time is left. After each TM session with the timer, a quote will appear—a nice piece of wisdom for you to ponder throughout your day.

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