How to enable dark mode in the TM timer?

Early morning and late evening meditation sessions can be sensitive to bright colors. The dark mode timer feature helps reduce eye strain, especially in these low-light environments.

Follow these steps to enable dark mode in the TM timer:

  1. Go to Transcend and tap on Settings.

  2. Select Screen options.

  3. Toggle on Dark mode.

  4. Go back to the Transcend section and you will see a confirmation message on your Transcend screen that dark mode has been enabled.

  5. Start your meditation by swiping down the meditation toggle on the Transcend screen, and you'll notice a transformation in your timer.

The vibrant yellows will be replaced with calming dark blue tones, creating a serene atmosphere for your meditation practice. This change applies to all timer screens and extends to the ‘Quote’ and ‘Reflection’ features.