The Events section showcases local, global, and online events happening in your TM center and around the world. Joining events is a fantastic way to get even more out of your meditation journey, as you'll be meditating with people from all walks of life, and gaining insight into the shared practice of the TM technique.

Note: Since this is still an early version of the app, we’re mainly focused on adding events in a few key regions. However, we'll be adding more and more in the coming months as we add more app users. Ultimately, we want all TM-related events to be here!

Local events

The local events section shows you all the current events happening at or near a specific location. These events are often organized by your local TM center.

The default location is based on your phone location if you have enabled this in your settings, but it's easy to change your location manually so you can see events in other areas.

Online events

Online events are virtual, global events, such as a call with Dr. Tony Nader, or online experience sessions. These events are a great way to enhance your TM practice without having to leave the house.

Global events

Global events are in-person events for an international audience, such as the annual International Young Meditators' Course, or the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course. If you are looking to put your personal development on the fast track, global events are definitely worth exploring.

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