The Events section showcases online group meditations and events happening around the world. Joining events is a fantastic way to get even more out of your meditation journey, as you'll be meditating with people from all walks of life, and gaining insight into the shared practice of the TM technique.

Note: Since this is still an early version of the TM app, we’re mainly focused on adding events taking place online that are accessible to everyone. However, we'll start to add in-person events in the future, because ultimately, we want all TM-related events to be here!

Add your preferred events to your Favorites for quick access. Here's how. Additionally, stay on top of your schedule by setting reminders for each event, ensuring you receive a notification 15 minutes before it begins.

Group meditations

Joining an online group meditation allows you to connect with others in the TM community, as well as helping you maintain regular TM practice. Join meditations taking place all over the world, right from the Events section in your app.

When you join group meditation with Bob Roth via Zoom, your meditation session will be automatically logged into the calendar.

Online events

These are virtual, global events, such as a call with Dr. Tony Nader, or online experience sessions. These events are a great way to enhance your TM practice without having to leave the house.