How do I save an event?

Add an event to Favorites

On the main page of the Events section, you will find Favorites in the top right corner, which shows all the events you have added to your Favorites.

You can save an event to your Favorites by tapping the star icon in the top right corner of the event page.

Set up an event reminder

By setting up a reminder for an event, you will receive an automatic notification 15 minutes prior to its start time. Follow the steps below to set up an event reminder.

  1. Tap on an event to open the event page
  2. Tap Add a reminder below the event’s title
  3. Use the toggle next to the event’s title to switch on or off the reminder
  4. Choose the day(s) and time of the event, then tap Save

Add an event to your personal calendar

You also have the option to add an event to your personal calendar. Simply tap on Add to calendar below the event's title, and it will automatically be added to your personal calendar. From there, you can adjust the reminder preferences based on your calendar settings.