The Profile section provides you a quick overview of your personal TM info, including the reasons you practice TM as well as your tracked meditation sessions.

Ideally, when looking back at a month in your meditation calendar, the month is all yellow—that means you managed to meditate twice a day, every day. 

No matter how close you are to that goal, we know from our users that the calendar feature helps them to be more consistent with their meditations. We hope it does the same for you. 

The consecutive streak feature is intended to help you maintain a consistent meditation routine. If you do one meditation per day, every day, you are on a 'bronze streak.' If you meditate twice every day, you will be on a 'golden streak.' Streaks are enabled by default. If you find this feature isn't for you, it can be disabled in the Meditation settings: How do I turn off my meditation streak?

If you need to edit your meditation calendar or add a session that you completed without the app, please refer to this article for guidance on how to do it.

If you'd like an extra nudge, you can always set meditation reminders so the TM app sends you a notification when it's time to meditate. You can also set study reminders for you to go through the excellent content in the Library to support your TM practice.