The Library contains inspiring and informative content to recap the key points of your TM course and share other helpful resources. After learning the TM technique, browse the videos, podcasts, articles, and music to continue your TM journey. New content is added regularly, sharing the experiences of other meditators, stories about the impact of TM, and more. 


The Explore tab is home to lots of great resources and it’s an easy way to find the items you’re looking for. Use Favorites to see the content you’ve saved for later and Recents for a history of the items you’ve already enjoyed.

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In the Learn tab, find custom series to guide your learning, following your TM course. From the basics of TM practice, to the opportunities and tools available to you, these series are a great place to start in the TM app Library. 

  • TM course review
    Review the key points of your TM course and benefit from answers to common questions about practicing TM.
  • Maximize the benefits
    Learn more about the value of regular meditation and how practicing TM twice a day can lead to a multitude of benefits for the body and mind.
  • Continue the journey
    What are the next steps you can take to accelerate your personal growth? Discover the fundamental tools and opportunities to support your TM practice.
  • Higher states of consciousness
    Explore the four higher states of consciousness and how you can tell if you’re experiencing them. In this series, you’ll learn more about the role TM plays in unfolding your full potential.
  • Consciousness, and why it matters
    How is consciousness fundamental to one’s experience? How can consciousness be developed? Explore the fundamental questions surrounding consciousness, and why we must strive to answer them. 
  • TM’s Advanced Techniques
    Learn about the TM Advanced Techniques and how they advance your growth to higher states of consciousness.


If you have a question about your TM practice or TM in general, you will find the answers here. There are dozens in the form of short videos recorded by Dr. Tony Nader, with written summary points for quick reference.