The Library contains inspiring talks, articles, tips, and music to cultivate your health, wellness, and fulfillment in life. The Library is divided into six sub-sections and becomes available following the end of your TM course. Each section can be further explored by tapping VIEW ALL to see all the items.

TM course review 

Review the key points of your TM course and benefit from answers to common questions about practicing TM.

Maximize the benefits

Learn more about the value of regular meditation and how practicing TM twice a day can lead to a multitude of benefits for the body and mind.


A continuously updated collection of talks, lectures, videos, and articles. Some are short, some are long, and they’re all worth the time.


What is the impact of TM on individuals and communities around the world? Explore interviews with other meditators as they discuss their experiences of learning Transcendental Meditation.


Unwind before bed, or just take a few minutes to slow down during your day with timeless melodies that settle the mind, body, and spirit.

TM tips

If you have a question about your TM practice or TM in general, you will find your answers here. There are dozens of them in the form of short videos recorded by Dr. Tony Nader, with written summary points for quick reference.

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